Atrapos: Evaluating Metapath Query Workloads In Real Time

This paper examines metapath queries over graphs in realtime:

Heterogeneous information networks (HINs) represent different types of entities and relationships between them. Exploring, analysing, and extracting knowledge from such networks relies on metapath queries that identify pairs of entities connected by relationships of diverse semantics. While the real-time evaluation of metapath query workloads on large, web-scale HINs is highly demanding in computational cost, current approaches do not exploit interrelationships among the queries. In this paper, we present Atrapos, a new approach for the real-time evaluation of metapath query workloads that leverages a combination of efficient sparse matrix multiplication and intermediate result caching. Atrapos selects intermediate results to cache and reuse by detecting frequent submetapaths among workload queries in real time, using a tailor-made data structure, the Overlap Tree, and an associated caching policy. Our experimental study on real data shows that Atrapos accelerates exploratory data analysis and mining on HINs, outperforming off-the-shelf caching approaches and state-of-the-art research prototypes in all examined scenarios.

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