Announcing The GDELT Multilingual News Search Service

To demonstrate the incredible power of the new GDELT Full Text Search API, we've put together a simple news search service that allows you to access the full power of the API through a simple web interface. Enter an English keyword and instantly search the machine translations of everything GDELT has monitored in the last 24 hours across all 65 languages. All of the API options are available, allowing you to perform extremely advanced queries, with the results displayed as a volume timeline, tone/sentiment timeline, word cloud, and article list of the first 50 articles.

What makes this demonstration service so powerful is that it is quite literally just a simple HTML page with a few lines of JavaScript and CSS that wrap around the Full Text Search API to power the site. In other words, when you type a query in the search box at the top of the page and hit enter, all the page is doing is setting the URL of a set of iframes on the page to the proper API calls and letting the API do the work of performing the search and returning the results.

We hope this helps spark your imagination for the kinds of incredibly novel and innovative applications for the new API in your own websites and tools!

Happy Searching!