An Infinite Stream of Content: How GDELT is Translating the World’s News

Through its Translingual program, GDELT operates one of the largest streaming machine translation deployments in the world, live machine translating all global news media it monitors in 65 languages in realtime. GDELT's approach represents a transformative shift from the traditions of machine translation, focusing on the unique application area of an infinite continuous stream of content that must be translated in realtime, adaptively modulating both translation and language models to account for time pressure and relevancy and tightly connecting translation production to the consuming data analysis algorithms which can interactively iterate to clarify translations.

GDELT represents the first attempt to mass translate the entire world's news in realtime and it has opened entirely new application areas never before possible, allowing GDELT to reach deeply into local news from across the planet. Slator interviewed Kalev about how the system works for its latest feature.

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