Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW) Now Available in GCAM

We are excited to announce that the Affective Norms for English Words (ANEW) dimensions are now available in GCAM!  Produced by the Center for the Study of Emotion and Attention at the University of Florida, ANEW "provides a set of normative emotional ratings for a large number of words in the English language … rated in terms of pleasure, arousal, and dominance."  Pleasure, or "affective valence," ranges from "pleasant to unpleasant," arounsal ranges from "calm to excited," and dominance/control ranges from "controlled to in-control."

Uniquely, ANEW further breaks down these scores for women versus men (one of the only dictionaries to do so), allowing gender-specific emotional responses to be explored.

When using the ANEW dimensions, cite them as "Bradley, M.M., & Lang, P.J. (1999). Affective norms for English words (ANEW): Stimuli, instruction manual and affective ratings. Technical report C-1, Gainesville, FL. The Center for Research in Psychophysiology, University of Florida."